White Soy Sauce

Posted: October 7, 2009 in Uncategorized

I have been looking for White Soy sauce for many months now.  It used to be very available a few years ago.  Now, it is VERY difficult to find.  This sauce adds the heartiness to dishes, without discoloring it.  Regular Soy sauce usually contains soy AND molasses.  White Soy has fermented wheat AND soybeans…which makes it “mellower” and sweeter. It goes by a few names…a few who includes: “White Golden Tamari” and “Shiro Shoyu”, and “Shiro Dashi”. We can’t find this in Nashville, but can find it around the Internet, but, they want 3 arms and 7 legs for it.  If you see this incredible product, let me know.  Below is a sample picture….


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